Item# STP-justinH

Product Description

*Comes with suspenders as all of our pants do.

Made of high quality Wild Buck leather and imported directly from Germany to our store!

Please keep in mind that much like a pair of shoes, you will need to break your lederhosen in for optimal fit over time.

The antique in the color name refers to a sort of "worn in" look to the color so your pants don't look brand new as is the preferred look in Germany.

Lederhosen are cut relatively form fitting as that is the style in Europe but we realize most American men prefer a more relaxed fit so please do keep that in mind when placing your order. (Typically I recommend ordering one size up) Below is listed the measurements in centimeters per the manufacturer.

46 = Waist 80 Thigh 60

48 = Waist 84 Thigh 61

50 = Waist 88 Thigh 62

52 = Waist 92 Thigh 63

54 = Waist 97 Thigh 64

56 = Waist 102 Thigh 66

58 = Waist 107 Thigh 68

60 = Waist 112 Thigh 70